It intends to demonstrate collaborative effort in each lesson to ensure that students learn,
apply, and hone new skills to be ready toward leading and creating opportunities in the future.

G1-Loving GOD the Father

Christian Faith Witness puts emphasis on love and life emanating from the Blessed Trinity to the Church, the community......Continue Reading


Rebecca C. Daluping

Level/s: Grade School, Grade 1

Christian Faith Witness puts emphasis on love and life emanating from the Blessed Trinity to the Church, the community of believers. The children of God may discover Jesus in their interaction and teamwork with each other and realize the value of friendship and love of God in life’s journey.
  • Complies with the K to 12 standards especially with its learner-centered, multidisciplinary, and developmental approach;
  • Pursues enduring learning that is transformative, interactive, holistic, constructivist, and inquiry-based;
  • Uses a visually entertaining method;
  • Utilizes a spiral progression approach;
  • Includes Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Quick Response (QR) codes for easy access to online references and sources;
  • Incorporates DepEd’s curriculum guide for Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao (EsP) in content and performance standards;
  • Anchors its content standards and enduring understanding to the 2015 Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines’ (CEAP) Christian Formation Manual (CFM) produced by the National Christian Formation Commission;
  • Uses the seven core learning areas of the Catechism of the CatholicChurch (CCC) for its content model as endorsed by the CEAP Religious Education Curriculum for Basic Education, namely: Sacred Scriptures, Doctrine, Sacraments, Community, Service, Prayer, and Spirituality;
  • Keeps and enriches the Doctrine-Moral-Worship Catholic method rooted in the Scriptures; and
  • Adheres to CEAP’s Philippine Catholic Schools Standards (PCSS), which can assist in defining the characteristics of the Catholic schools—centered on Jesus, committed to integral human formation, animated by the Spirit of communion, engaged in the service of the Church with preferential option for the poor, and promote dialogue on faith, life, and culture.
  • Bears the approval of the Catholic Church: Nihil Obstat:
                                      Imprimatur: Rev. Fr. Ronald M. Roberto                Most Rev. Honesto F. Ongtioco, D.D. Minister for Liturgical Affairs Bishop of Cubao

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