It intends to demonstrate collaborative effort in each lesson to ensure that students learn,
apply, and hone new skills to be ready toward leading and creating opportunities in the future.

G3-Integrative Mathematics

Promotes pupils’ character development and establishes their value system!......Continue Reading


Jonathan C. Glorial, Genesis G. Camarista and Rechilda P. Villame

Level/s: Grade School, Grade 3

Promotes pupils’ character development and establishes their value system!

  • Worktext. Various features are provided to develop and enhance pupil’s mathematical skills in every level. Every lesson in the series contains the following:
  • Lesson Target—A clear statement of what the pupils are expected to achieve at the end of the lesson
  • Did You Know That—Bits of information on a wide range of topics that may be used as springboard in the development of the lesson and provides integration of the lesson with other subject areas
  • Think and Share—A comprehensive discussion of the concepts and skills complete with illustrative examples
  • Math Ideas—A summary of the key concepts discussed in the lesson
  • Guided Practice—Drill exercises meant to be solved by the pupils with the teacher’s assistance and designed to reinforce the concepts discussed and to prepare the pupils to work independently
  • Think and Answer—Drill exercises and problems that must be done by the pupils with little or no assistance and designed to enrich the learnings from the previous sections
  • Think Ahead—Challenging problems or enjoyable activities designed to develop pupil’s higher order thinking skills

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