G4-Exercises for Better Penmanship (Third Edition)

Showcases a treasury of drills in writing with legibility, speed, and accuracy.........Continue Reading


Margarita V. Hamada

Level/s: Grade School, Grade 4

Builds up pupils’ functional English literacy with varied, modern exercises in all areas of communication arts.
  • Abounds with oral exercises to improve pupils’ communication skills through interaction and language practice
  • Allows pupils to have fun while they improve on their spelling skills with enjoyable exercises such as completing word hunts and crosswords
Showcases a treasury of drills in writing with legibility, speed, and accuracy.
  • The Worktext trains pupils to write in print and cursive forms independently and legibly through writing practices. It features many illustrations that do not only have aesthetic purposes but also serve as answer clues to exercises, tools for concept reinforcement, and aid to vocabulary enrichment. It includes Guidelines for the Teacher.


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