It intends to demonstrate collaborative effort in each lesson to ensure that students learn,
apply, and hone new skills to be ready toward leading and creating opportunities in the future.

G5-English Language Power (Third Edition)

Builds up pupils’ functional English literacy with varied, modern exercises in all areas of communication arts.........Continue Reading


Remedios B. Buenaventura and Rosalinda M. Cupcupin

Level/s: Grade School, Grade 5

Builds up pupils’ functional English literacy with varied, modern exercises in all areas of communication arts.
  • Abounds with oral exercises to improve pupils’ communication skills through interaction and language practice
  • Allows pupils to have fun while they improve on their spelling skills with enjoyable exercises such as completing word hunts and crosswords
    • Develops pupils’ communication skills in English through the communicative or functional approach, training them to use the language in real-life social situations
    • Stresses language functions in promoting grammar competence through clear discussions and a battery or exercises on the different grammatical structures
    • Employs cooperative games and activities that facilitate pupils’ interaction in pairs, small groups, and big groups
    • Draws from learners’ experiences, reflecting daily life situations in dialogue and other interactive activities
    • Includes drills on spelling and vocabulary
    • Trains pupils in correct pronunciation of English words in effective public speaking
    • Adapts to the different curricula designed by the Department of Education (DepEd)
      • Integrative: Integrates English lessons with other disciplines
      • Interactive: Gives pupils opportunities to interact with their teacher and classmates
      • Functional: Aims to develop pupils into better listeners, speakers, readers, and writers of English
      • Values-laden: Infuses values with Life’s Real Treasure, a component that focuses on values development


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