G7-Asian Identity in the Global World

Living history: from the Philippine archipelago, to the continents, to the global community!......Continue Reading

Patrick S. de Castro, Marie Ann G. Anduyon, Rubilita A. Vasco & Evangeline S. Panganiban, PhD

Teresita P. Pedrajas, EdD

Level/s: Junior High School, Grade 7

Living history: from the Philippine archipelago, to the continents, to the global community!
  • K to 12 Curriculum Compliant
  • Authored by a team of competent and veteran practicing educators from reputable schools
  • Revolves around the theme: Global Times and Living History, interwoven in the four broad fields of study— Philippine History, Asian History, World History, and Economics
  • Employs modern perspectives in the study of history—the Filipino, Asian, and global perspectives—that do away with traditional points-of-view
  • Integrates fun, interactive, and meaningful cooperative learning experiences
  • Develops the multiple intelligences of the individual and the group through various learning activities and discussions
  • Presents concrete opportunities to develop the students’ higher levels of thinking
  • Develops in the learner the primacy of assuming personal and group responsibilities
  • Develops the students’ sense of history and pride in being Filipinos and enables them to understand, interact, and communicate with their Asian neighbors and with the rest of the world
  • Challenges students to be reflective in their discernment of what kind of a world they would want to create for themselves and for the generations to come
  • Textbook—Exceeding the minimum competencies as prescribed by the K to 12 Curriculum, GTLH offers a new and engaging perspective on the study of history. The book takes the students on a guided tour of the history of the Philippines, Asia, and the world and the inner workings of economics. Activities are varied, challenging, and fun!
  • Teachers Wraparound Edition or Learning Guide—provides the teachers with complete instructional strategies for each lesson. The TWE or LG also contains additional information for the teacher and answer keys to the activities in the textbook.
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