It intends to demonstrate collaborative effort in each lesson to ensure that students learn,
apply, and hone new skills to be ready toward leading and creating opportunities in the future.

G8-Grammar Essentials

English proficiency is considered a ticket to the global market and to a better and developed economy. Grammar Essential.........Continue Reading


Aries N. Oliveros and Harold V. Gallo

Level/s: Junior High School, Grade 8

English proficiency is considered a ticket to the global market and to a better and developed economy. Grammar Essentials is the breakthrough skill book that provides a comprehensive coverage of grammar skills. It aims to prepare pupils for effective communication both locally and globally. Grammar Essentials caters to the advanced, average, and struggling learners.
  • Each lesson has four sets of exercises and lends itself to differentiated instruction as far as the ability levels of pupils are concerned.
  • Each exercise revolves around at a particular theme; hence, it is interdisciplinary in approach. There is also values integration in all lessons.
  • An Activity Log Chart is found at the end of every lesson.
  • The skill book is multifunctional. It can be a form of diagnostic test and formative assessment. The exercises can be used as reinforcement tools for remediation, reviewers for all types of tests, and tools for group works.
  • It promotes 21st century themes, such as global awareness, financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial, civic, health, and environmental literacy.
  • It provides multilevel exercises.
  • It establishes a home-to-school connection.
  • It serves as a multifunctional supplementary material.
  • It complies with the K to 12 Curriculum Guide for English.

  • The book has the following salient features:
  • It is aligned with the K to 12 Curriculum Guide. The grammar content provides the needed knowledge and competencies that second language learners should acquire for the application of the receptive and productive skills needed for effective communication.
  • It provides a Grammar Plug In that explains the grammar points to help students understand the key concepts in the grammar lesson. It promotes 21st century themes such as global awareness of financial, economic business, entrepreneurial, civic, health, social media, and environmental issues. By relating the content to real-life situations, students will be more informed, engaged, and motivated to learn.
  • It provides multilevel exercises that accommodate differences in the students’ learning pace. At the end of the fourth exercise, students will have a thorough knowledge of their performance through a report card that indicates the total score they got from the four sets of exercises with a corresponding interpretation.
  • It serves as a multifunctional grammar material. The multifunctional exercises can be used for various purposes: diagnostic tests, formative assessments, reinforcement exercises, reviewers for major examinations such as quizzes, chapter tests, periodical tests, the National Achievement Test, and for group work exercises using cooperative learning strategies.
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