Teaches pupils to learn how to encode letters, words, sentences, and numerals to the point of mastery through drawing, coloring, tracing, copying, and other activities that seem more like play than writing drills......Continue Reading


Evangelyn C. Dalom, Richellyda V. Ramirez and Marianne C. Vergara

Level/s: Kinder 1

HOME ECONOMICS AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION SERIES This series aims to develop personal life, family relationship, and community engagement by integrating life skills, technology, and values in these four major areas of Home Economics and Livelihood Education (HELE):
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Entrepreneurship;
  • Elementary Agriculture;
  • Home Economics; and
  • Industrial Arts.
  • It intends to demonstrate collaborative effort in each lesson to ensure that students learn, apply, and hone new skills to be ready toward leading and creating opportunities in the future. FEATURES
  • Integrates hands-on and ICT activities
  • Enriches lessons with QR codes
  • Aligns with the DepEd’s K-to-12 EPP curriculum guide
  • Provides formative and summative assessments

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