Math Connections in the Digital Age: Precalculus

Equips senior high school students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to plan and conduct research on a topic of interest utilizing basic quantitative methods. It explains briefly how quantitative research methods are....Continue Reading


Luis Allan B. Melosantos and Josephine R. Sacluti


Ryan M. Bruce, Luis Allan B. Melosantos, Susan J. Robles, Josephine R. Sacluti

Level/s: Senior High School, STEM

    Math Connections in the Digital Age: Precalculus covers the prerequisite topics of calculus. It provides an intuitive learning approach that promotes easier understanding of the lessons. It has easy-to-follow lessons and step-by-step solutions for examples. It strengthens the math literacy of students through its problem-based approach. With this textbook, learners will be equipped with the essential tools needed to understand and solve problems preparatory to calculus. Learning competencies in the book comply with the K to 12 curriculum for senior high school. It focuses on teaching the students how to apply concepts and solve problems involving conic sections, systems of linear equations, series and mathematical induction, circular and trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, and polar coordinate system.


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