G1-Science for Active Learning

G1-Science for Active Learning

Science for Active Learning is engaged learning by allowing students to perform authentic, interactive, collaborative, inquiry-based, and strategic activities.


SAL addresses the challenges of the K to 12 science curriculum. It highlights the development of science skills to prepare students for life as citizens of a global community driven by Science and Technology (Science for Citizenship). It equips students with knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to help them acquire, evaluate, and use information to understand nature, solve problems, and make informed decisions.


  • Focused and integrated gradual development of science process skills from grade 1 to grade 6
  • Varied strategies to assess learning (formative and summative) highlighting science skills
  • Authentic, collaborative, and inquiry-based learning experiences such as Design and Technology, Investigatory Study, and Project-based Learning, among others.
  • Metacognitive questions to assess own learning
  • Making connections to entrepreneurship, environment, culture, technology, society, among others