G2-Exercises for Better Penmanship

G2-Exercises for Better Penmanship



  • Provides warm-up activities to set pupils about tackling the lessons and doing more challenging writing activities with confidence
  • Develops grade schoolers’ legible penmanship while equipping them with knowledge and skills on the alphabet, grammar, spelling, simple composition, and basic number concepts and operations
  • Contains writing exercises that encourage self- expression among pupils
  • Makes for a well-planned and mastery-oriented program in writing as it offers review, persistent practice, and practical application of skills in writing
  • Challenges pupils’ speed in writing through dictations and drills without compromising neatness and legibility
  • Displays increasing level of difficulty in the exercises as pupils move from one grade level to another


  • The Worktext trains pupils to write in print and cursive forms independently and legibly through writing practices. It features many illustrations that do not only have aesthetic purposes but also serve as answer clues to exercises, tools for concept reinforcement, and aid to vocabulary enrichment. It includes Guidelines for the Teacher.