G2-Good Manners and Right Conduct Series

G2-Good Manners and Right Conduct Series



  • Primarily aims at building pupils’ good character, teaching them to judge and do what is right
  • Emphasizes operative values or values in action, aiming to transform values into virtues and virtues into character through numerous activities
  • Follows an integrated format in character development which is a fusion of three interrelated parts—moral knowing, moral feeling, and moral behavior—involving habits of the mind, heart, and action
  • Develops among pupils universal values such as cleanliness, kindness, patience, love for the family, care for other people, and courtesy and respect
  • Promotes nationalism/patriotism and anchors lessons on treasured Filipino traditions and customs
  • Includes lessons on strengthening faith in and love for God
  • Provides pupils with opportunities to validate their own value system as they interact with their classmates and express their opinions, views, and reactions to certain situations


  • Worktext features exciting sections patterned after an effective teaching flow for good manners and right conduct.
  • Teachers Guide features creative teaching strategies in GMRC that are interesting, enhancing, and fulfilling. It includes the text of the listening stories in the worktext. It showcases the following components: objectives, subject matter, materials needed, teaching notes, procedure (i.e., motivation, lesson proper, practice, application, and conclusion), materials/activities for reinforcement and enrichment, and answer key. It features a special section called Word to the Teacher which offers teaching tips, reminders, and strategies.