G3-Reading Network

G2-Reading Network



  • Engages the readers’ attention through the interactive approach
  • Develops specific reading skills among pupils, such as getting the meaning of words through context clues, noting details, identifying main ideas, inferring, describing, predicting outcomes, establishing relationships, and the like
  • Adheres to the schema theory by presenting familiar themes or situations that help activate pupils’ prior knowledge and with which they can associate new information, facilitating meaningful comprehension of reading materials
  • Assists pupils to learn English as a Second Language (ESL) through the communicative competence approach where language functions as the medium, not the object, of instruction
  • Promotes cognitive academic language proficiency and higher order thinking skills through engrossing activities that require pupils to compare and contrast, establish cause-effect relationships, and answer high- level questions
  • Includes exercises on reading-to-writing connection, such as completing a story grammar and story pyramid