G6-Our Nation, Our World

G6-Our Nation, Our World

Awakens pupils’ nationalism through an introspective study of civics and culture!



  • Offers an up-to-date and comprehensive study of civics and culture, history, and geography
  • Deepens pupils’ knowledge and consciousness of their historical roots, identity as a people, rich culture, and geography
  • Acquaints pupils with their rights and duties as well as responsibilities as Filipinos
  • Exhibits sensitivity in dealing with the Muslim culture and indigenous peoples, gender relationships, and history from a Filipino perspective
  • Touches on peace, environmental, and human rights education
  • Promotes the values of environmental protection, justice, compassion, and hope while linking well-being with civics and culture
  • Values the sacrifices of the Filipino ancestors and draws inspirations from the Filipino heroes’ struggles for freedom, justice, and independence
  • Includes engaging stories that magnify the human-interest side of history
  • Discusses the different issues, ideas, and problems faced by the Philippine society


  • Worktext facilitates an experiential, interactive, interdisciplinary, and values-laden civics and culture program that develops pupils into responsible, active, and productive citizens. Encourages reflective thinking and critical understanding through a journal- writing activity at the end of every lesson and thought-provoking questions in the Unit Reflections section featured in each unit.
  • Teachers Guide offers a variety of teaching and learning strategies that encourage pupils’ active participation in learning, e.g., singing, dancing, role-playing, group discussion, case study, public forum, and interview.