G9-Christian Life Education Series

G9-Christian Life Education Series

Updated and enriched, the Christian Life Education Series (CLES) Third Edition continues to lead
students to live out their Catholic faith through its learner-centered approach



  • Goes beyond being learner-centered as it encourages student’s personal involvement in the learning process through its emphasis on the relevance and application of the theological lessons to the Filipino’s life of faith
  • Presents the Good News in its threefold dimension of doctrine, morals, and worship
  • Draws its doctrinal bases from the latest official national and universal sources on catechesis and religious education: Revised National Catechetical Directory for the Philippines, Catechism for
    Filipino Catholics, Catechism of the Catholic Church, and General Directory for Catechesis
  • Ensures soundness of Catholic teachings as it bears a nihil obstat and an imprimatur from the Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education
  • Includes new layout, pictures, and illustrations
  • With new student activities and paraliturgies after each unit


  • Worktext presents an experiential study of Christian Living through these lesson components:
    • Context establishes relationship and relevance of lessons to the students’ experiences.
    • Exposition clarifies the essentials of faith using Scriptures, Church teachings, and human experiences.
    • Integration explains the doctrine, moral, and worship dimensions of the faith message.

The worktext also offers review questions and journal activities that aim to evaluate the students’ understanding and appreciation of the Christian message in a lesson.

  • Learning Guide with Curriculum Map features objectives, background information, doctrinal sources, materials, suggested procedure for each chapter, enrichment activities, subject area integration tips, and unit tests with answer keys.
  • Teachers Wraparound Edition (TWE) contains a detailed curriculum map, ICT-laden activities, and Quick Response (QR) codes for additional resources. The learning is also wrapped around the pages of the book.