K1-Learning How to Think

K1-Learning How to Think


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  • Offers a complete curriculum for your preschoolers’ impressive beginning learning
    through the following worktexts:
    – English for Young Achievers familiarizes pupils with basic grammar rules and
    commonly used greetings and expressions in English.
    – LFYA Reading and Writing worktexts introduce pupils to the wonderful world of
    words through an integrated reading and writing program.
    – Math for Young Achievers develops pupils’ number readiness with mastery-
    oriented lessons on basic math concepts and skills.
    – Learning How to Think promotes pupils’ higher order thinking skills through well-
    constructed exercises that improve their IQ.
  • Facilitates the natural integration of different subject areas in each worktext, thus
    either the complete package or the individual worktexts can be adopted
  • Abounds in fun-filled exercises to help learners discover and develop their intelligences
    and potential
  •  Prepares pupils for entrance examinations in big and private schools with the addition
    of the revolutionary IQ worktexts
  •  Presents lessons rich in Christian values to help pupils become better and responsible