Science in Today’s World Junior High School 7-10 ( URE Edition )

The URE Edition of the Science in Today’s World Series is written in compliance with the Philippine K to 12 curriculum gradually implemented from 2012 to 2016..........Continue Reading


Rosario Laurel-Sotto (Author-Coordinator), Eden Vela-Evangelista, Gloria Lajara Follosco, Adora Soriano-Pili, Jervee Malabanan Punzalan

Level/s: Junior High School, Grade 7

The URE Edition of the Science in Today’s World Series is written in compliance with the Philippine K to 12 curriculum gradually implemented from 2012 to 2016. The contents of the textbook often link ideas to real-life situations. The textbook is supported by laboratory manual that contains two types of meaningful activities: experiments and open- ended activities. Another supplementary material is the teachers wraparound edition (TWE), which was written to help the teachers in planning learning activities with the end in mind—to teach for understanding.


Pre-Learning Check – serves as a diagnostic test to assess students’ prior knowledge

Quick Quiz – a minds-on activity that elicits immediate feedback on students’ learning 

Quick Lab – a hands-on activity that engages students in an active science learning process 

Career in Science – suggests professions to encourage students to take a career path in science 

Scientist of the Time – highlights scientists who contributed significantly to the development of science 

Glimpse of History – emphasizes historical achievements and developments in science 

Misconception Alert – identifies and corrects common student misconceptions in science

Technology in Focus – updates students on the latest developments in science and technology 

Challenge through ICT – an ICT-integrated assessment connected to the technology presented in Technology in Focus 

Concept Mastery, Process What Your Know, and Check Your Understanding – assessments that test students’ knowledge and understanding on the concepts presented in the discussion 

Science in Action – assessments that require students to create a product or perform a task


Function Icons:

STEM Challenge – hands-on problem-based inquiry and exploration activities that challenge students to find solution to real-world problems as they are guided by the engineering process

Differentiated Instruction (DI) – tags enhanced activities and assessments that develop multiple intelligence 

21st Century Skills – identifies the learning, literacy, and life skills developed and nurtured through the activities

  • Learning Skills (LE): (1) critical thinking, (2) creativity, (3) collaboration, (4) communication

  • Literacy Skills (LE): (1) information, (2) media, (3) technology

  • Life Skills (LE): (1) flexibility, (2) leadership, (3) initiative, (4) productivity, (5) social skills

Values Integration (VI) – tags activities and assessments that allow students to demonstrate their values 

Quick Response (QR) Codes – provide additional teaching and blended learning resources



Textbook (TB)

Laboratory Manual (LM)

Teachers Wraparound Edition for Blended Learning (TWE-BL)


Blended Learning Resources Portal (BLRP)

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