Sibs Publishing House


SIBS Publishing House, Inc. is a part of the Sibal group of companies which includes Phoenix Publishing House, Inc. Acknowledged as a highly esteemed publisher of quality textbooks in the new millennium, SIBS provides teachers and schools with educational materials and services that enforce high impact learning among students.

Our Customer Care Program

We value educators’ patronage of our books, hence we place high premium on customer care. This solicitous policy determines our diverse operations: book production, product research and development, seminar organization, order processing, delivery, and after-sales services. In fact, to ensure that customers are accorded a more personalized service, our trusted teams of textbook advisors (TBAs) readily assist schools in textbook selection and ordering.

Our Books

Quality has been the hallmark of Sibs books. These quality textbook programs are learner-centered, skills-oriented, and values-laden. All SIBS books are evaluated vis-à-vis the required learning competencies on the education level and written by seasoned educators, school administrators, and multi-awarded academicians.

Our Corporate Credo, Mission, and Vision

vision and mission – to produce well-crafted textbooks and educational materials; provide valuable service that will inspire powerful teaching; and empower educators to bring quality education and contribute to building tomorrow’s bright generation.