Today is the 28th World Mental Health Day and perhaps most of us have never heard about this occasion until recently. Honestly, I heard about mental health awareness campaigns before—when a beauty queen advocated about this cause, when a famous K-Pop celebrity fell a victim, and many other little stories from social media. But the truth is I was never mindful at all. All I knew was that it existed. Suddenly, it has all become a reality at least to some of us.

Old Teachers story

National Teachers’ Month 2020 ends on October 5, which coincides with the celebration of World Teachers’ Day 2020.


Aralinks stories in the New Normal

Only very little is known about Online Distance Learning in the Philippines. For some schools that adopted Blended Learning as an alternative modality of learning delivery, the use of Learning Management Systems is not anymore new to them. Colleges and universities that employ open systems for post-graduate studies, ODL has been their approach.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Parents for Effective Online Learning

It has been more than five months since the lockdown was implemented. Communities have undergone different levels of quarantine and varying levels of fears and worries. Everyone, especially the elderly and the children (our learners), is kept home. Instantly face masks and PPEs have been a must for all frontliners; face shields and protection goggles have become a need for everyone. All these are imperative to keep everyone safe and unharmed. In this time of pandemic when Online Distance Learning is the modality of learning, parents have to wear yet another security costume—the hat of a learning coach. But how do they maintain a virtual collaborative learning environment at home?

Hail the Quest Champion Schools!

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