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July 19, 2018 / New Projects, Phoenix News

Dices Aralinks Playground, Matagumpay!

“Maglaro ng games!” sigaw ng mga mag-aaral nang tanungin kung ano ang gusto nilang gawin sa loob ng silid-aralan. Maaring isipin na ang paglalaro ay hindi angkop na gawain sa loob ng silid-aralan

The 2019 Philippine Book Publishing

Faq on Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement(by Estrada and Aquino Law)

We would like to share with you this memorandum prepared by Estrada and Aquino Law to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) on plagiarism and copyright infringement. We hope that this memorandum guides you in the preparation of learning materials during the “new normal”.

The 2019 Philippine Book Publishing


As part of our mission to develop the Philippine book publishing industry, we will be launching various promotional activities. These activities will promote publishers, bookstores, books, both award-winning and new books, and literary and publishing events.

The 2019 Philippine Book Publishing

The 2019 Philippine Book Publishing Industry:An Executive Summary

The Philippine book publishing industry has been gradually flourishing with publishers, writers, illustrators, and readers actively stimulating it over the recent years. As we acknowledge that books are great medium for communication and expression of ideas, thoughts, and philosophy, we also acknowledge how the industry behind it has been striving for years.